Avoid Trail Traffic! Tips for a Truly Solo Hike.

Published: May 12, 2020

While we practice social distancing in the weeks to come — and the weather continues to improve — many of us are looking for activities we can safely do outside. As Coloradans, we consider hiking as a way to reconnect with nature, get exercise, and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

We’ve uncovered handy tips to help you stay safe and healthy while you hit the trail!

Traverse The Familiar

While hiking in groups can be a blast, continue social distancing by hiking in a familiar, well-maintained area. It’s likely that the trails are well-kept and traversed by others who are there to enjoy solo time as well.

It’s easier to keep your distance among hikers who know what they’re doing. When you join The Canyons community, you’ll quickly become familiar with the best local hiking and recreation areas. Spend the day at nearby parks and trails!

Make a Day of It

When it’s safe to travel again, revisit some of your favorite hiking spots for a brief getaway. Dozens of scenic trails await your adventurous spirit — and can be reached by car from your home at The Canyons. While on the trail, practice healthy habits by continuing to regularly wash your hands, avoiding unnecessary physical risks, and maintaining a safe distance from other hikers. If you set out for the day, choose trails that are easily and quickly accessible — because staying close to home is key

Be Smart

One of the easiest — and most overlooked — ways to ensure your safety during a solitary hike is to tell friends, family, and park rangers where you are and plan to be. In case of emergency, it’s important for your loved ones and first responders to know where to send help. While hiking alone, you’ll be safer and feel more confident on a forgiving trail with the right equipment. Be sure you’re outfitted with the proper tools, physical capabilities, and hiking know-how before you begin your trek.

While continuing to stay indoors, striking a healthy balance of work time and playtime can be tricky. Fortunately, a safe solo hike in gorgeous settings can help you stretch your legs and boost your spirits. Experience exciting opportunities to connect with nature by living on the edge of the wilderness — your new home at The Canyons is just moments from fantastic local hiking and outdoor recreation. Begin your journey with an enriching tour: Our models are open by appointment only.