What Does Dana Do at The Canyons? Everything.

Published: September 3, 2021

On any given day, you might find Dana celebrating “new Canyons babies,” organizing virtual cooking classes, creating arts & crafts activities for the kiddos, planning menus, curating retail, managing staff and so, so much more. In short, she does it all. (Don’t worry, she DOES still have a little time for fun, including tennis, cooking, creative projects – and anything involving her dog Benji.)

Although she’s only been a resident of Colorado a little over a year, she predicted she would live her back when she was 8 and saw a picture of Red Rocks. She knew she would love it here. And she found she loves the people just as much – including the residents of The Canyons, many of whom she has gotten to know by name. Want to learn more about Dana? Read this article, all about her.

Better yet, stop by and meet her in person. (And while you’re at The Exchange Coffee House, make sure to grab a handcrafted coffee and stop by our information center where you can learn more about our community and our builders.)