Three Romantic Dinners for a Perfect Valentine’s Day Evening

Published: February 8, 2021

What better place to celebrate one another than in the home you share together? Celebrate this Valentine’s Day at The Canyons. Share morning coffee at The Exchange Coffee House and Visitor Center and a decadent evening sharing a romantic homemade meal. While you dine, you can soak in the beauty of Castle Pines’ rolling hills and natural ravines from your great room and dining room. 

We have what you need to complete the vision: three irresistible Valentine’s Day dinner ideas to make use of your gourmet kitchen! Read on to woo your sweetheart with a savory surprise: 

Do you fondue? 

We can’t think of anything more romantic than a pot of warm cheese with a selection of carbs on the side. Cooking fondue at home allows you to alter the recipe to your liking. Do you prefer gruyere or cheddar? Toss in both and give it a taste — if it’s creamy and delicious, you’re good to go! Feel free to experiment with any and all cheeses and note that this unique recipe calls for both white wine and sake to make it more sharp and flavorful. 

You can display this romantic spread on your spacious granite  kitchen island to make it more Instagrammable. Complete with crisp baguettes for dipping and you’ll fall in love all over again!

True Romance: Lobster Mac and Cheese 

Show you care with luxurious ingredients. Not to be too cheese-forward with our recommendations, but we have true chemistry with this luscious lobster mac and cheese recipe. The addition of succulent lobster makes an already rich dish even more delicious. Don’t worry, novice chefs: It’s simple to fold the seafood into the already crafted mac and cheese before you bake it into crispy, creamy perfection. 

Gorgeous appliances available in your Canyons home — like double ovens and a sleek stainless steel stovetop — make it exciting and easy to cook together.

Sparks Fly for this Smoky Sirloin 

If you’re trying to stay healthy-ish but also want to indulge, this high-protein and high-fiber meal will still set the mood. 

Rub your sirloin with a signature smoky rub — including coffee grounds, garlic, garlic powder, salt, and pepper — for a savory finish. While this recipe calls for a skillet to cook the meat, we bet you could also grill out on your deck during the cool early evening to catch the beautiful Colorado sunset. 

Retreat inside to enjoy your meal with crisp, pan-roasted Brussel sprouts on the side, shared at your dining room table with quick access to the kitchen. 

The atmosphere at The Canyons is right for romance this Valentine’s Day. With spacious open-concept floorplans nestled in pure Colorado nature, there’s a reason our residents are happiest at home! Plan ahead for Valentine’s Day 2022: Shop our incredible residences or visit The Exchange Visitor Center to schedule your tour today.