Three Gorgeous Great Rooms for Summer Entertaining

Published: June 29, 2021

From evening cocktails to lazy Sunday brunches, your great room at The Canyons is perfect for entertaining friends and family. Keep reading to peep gorgeous options from three builders at The Canyons — we’ve even taken the liberty of pairing them with summery drink recipes!

Berkeley Homes — Candelight Collection

For slow weekend mornings with your extended family, this great room gives you space to spread out and enjoy individual conversations. Mix up a batch of Bloody Marys before your guests arrive — keep them undiluted in a pitcher in your fridge so they stay chilled and ready to serve. The classic recipe relies on tomato juice, a hefty dash of Worcestershire sauce, a little lime or lemon juice, a touch of hot sauce (if desired), and an ounce or two of vodka per drink. Stir all the ingredients together and then serve in your Candelight great room with celery stalks or green olives — you can even go all-out with a DIY garnish bar!

Tri Pointe Homes — Solis at The Canyons

Celebrate sunny summer days with a tequila sunrise — this cocktail packs in the color and flavor for warm days and could be the “wow factor” you need to impress new friends. Start with freshly-squeezed orange juice — use blood oranges to amplify the brightness of this drink — then mix with tequila. Pour into chilled glasses filled with ice before carefully adding grenadine for the trademark sunset effect, and garnish with slices of orange and maraschino cherries. The open floorplan of this great room means you can easily refill glasses from your spacious kitchen island without missing any of the conversation.

Infinity Home Collection — Vector at The Canyons

Planning on afternoon entertaining? An Arnold Palmer is a crowd-pleasing beverage that will help you quell the summer heat. You only need to combine equal amounts of iced tea and lemonade over a generous amount of ice to make this concoction before serving in ice-filled glasses with wedges of lemon. Perfect for warm weather, you’ll want to open the windows to your Vector patio and allow guests to bask in the natural light of Colorado sun while they sip inside.

What’s your favorite drink for summer? Try experimenting with these options and let us know how you adapt them to your own tastes! While all these great rooms provide you ample room for hosting, each one brings its own unique charm. From the cozy atmosphere of the Candlelight Collection to the open serenity of Vector, one of these floorplans is the right fit for your entertaining needs. Click here to schedule a tour.