Thanksgiving Crafts to Help Kids Connect with Gratitude

Published: November 9, 2021

As the leaves fall off the trees and the weather cools down, home projects offer engaging ways to bring fall festivities inside — all while teaching your children important life lessons. This season, try creating crafts with your kids that feature the best parts of the Thanksgiving spirit. If you’re looking for a weekend activity with meaning, we at The Canyons™ have collected three creative ideas we think your whole family will appreciate.

Paper Plate Pies

These pies aren’t for eating, but they do provide a fun way to learn about gratitude. To complete this craft, you’ll need standard basic paper plates, construction paper, and a brass fastener. Start by labeling around the plate with people, places, and things that you appreciate. Next, make the “pie” by cutting out a circle of red paper smaller than your plate and layering on a lattice of white strips. Remove one “slice” and attach to the center of the plate using the fastener. Rotate to view each message on Thanksgiving Day while you host friends and family at home!

Pumpkin Stress Balls

Help your kids enjoy the simple things in life with these fall stress balls! This project needs only simple materials and requires little time — just balloons, rice, and markers with a few minutes for decorating. Fill orange balloons with rice and tie off each end to seal. Then, with a permanent marker, add jack-o-lantern faces or turkeys to each. Encourage your children to make extras to pass out to neighbors and school friends to spread positive energy.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Do you have a kid who *loves* coloring? Make your own fill-in designs or print a free online version that embraces the holiday and its traditions! Many templates include phrases like “Happy Thanksgiving” and “Give Thanks” with cute outlines of pumpkins, turkeys, and cornucopias. Your children can enjoy an occupying activity that speaks to the holiday — plus your family will have proud additions to the fridge in your stunning kitchen for your relatives to admire.

While food can steal the show this time of year, embracing the roots of gratitude and giving back always has a place at home — and in our hearts. Looking for more crafting ideas or want to hear about the community in bloom at The Canyons™? Chat with us today!