Summer Fun in the Sun at The Canyons™

Published: July 9, 2023

This past winter may well be one to remember — heavy snows graced the Rocky Mountains with the much-needed gift of higher-than-average snowpack — but after several balmy 70-degree weeks, we’re ready to call it: Summer is finally here. With our proximity to nature at The Canyons™ and our surplus of events sure to satisfy the desires of your entire family, you’ll truly find no limit to the fun you can have during the best months of the year. Read on to learn about the slate of exciting happenings this summer has in store for you.

Dance Until the Cows Come Home

If you’re a fan of live music and good vibes — and let’s be honest, who isn’t? — you’re in luck. Between “Friday Night Live” and Music & Mimosas, you’ll enjoy excellent live music all summer long. Both events are held at our community hub, The Exchange Coffee House™, so you’ll have the opportunity to catch up with your neighbors over tasty drinks and lovingly-prepared seasonal fare while discovering new local musicians. Summer has traditionally been a period of harvest and frivolity, when people come back into the world and celebrate arm-in-arm with their friends about making it through another chilly winter. We’re proud to keep that community-focused tradition going — minus the winter hardship, of course. Life never feels hard in your beautiful Canyons home!

Cool Off at Canyon Village

As the summer heat sinks in, we know that cooling off becomes a priority for our residents. Lucky for you, Canyon Village’s resort-style pool is now open and ready for swimming! The pickleball courts will soon be opening as well, giving you the chance to join in on the newest racquet-based craze. Talk about fun for the entire family, from tots to grandparents!

Take a (Day) Trip

One major reason more and more people move to Colorado every year: Our lovely state is filled to the absolute brim with natural beauty, and is home to so many biomes that it can be difficult to keep them all straight. You could always plan a longer excursion and backpack somewhere special like Devil’s Causeway, but one of the perks of being a resident at The Canyons™ is that you’re already living in the natural splendor of Castle Pines. Why not take advantage of our stunning landscape and spend some time this summer getting to know this place that you call home? Try our very own Ramble Park if you need a quick excursion to blow off steam, or throw the paddleboard in the car and take a 10-minute drive to Rueter-Hess Reservoir. If you’re not looking to get wet, the Rueter-Hess Incline (adjacent to the reservoir) offers a land-based leg-burning alternative.

Look Up!

Here at The Canyons™, we’re committed to living harmoniously with nature — and this commitment doesn’t end just because the sun’s gone down. We’re convinced that a healthy relationship with the natural world requires 24/7 effort, so we’ve taken steps to turn off outdoor artificial light whenever possible to reduce light pollution and improve the experience of everyone (and everything) that lives at The Canyons™. This summer, take advantage of our remarkably dark sky to take a breath, look up, and take in the infinite wonder over your head. While every night offers delight for the careful firmament watcher, you’ll find a few celestial highlights this summer that you might want to pencil into your calendar. We’re most excited for July 7 — when Venus will be brightest in the night sky — and the Perseid meteor shower, which will reach its peak astronomical activity on August 11.

Whew. It looks like you’ve got a full summer ahead of you! What are you waiting for? Get out there and have some fun. If reading about all this summer excitement has you wishing The Canyons™ could be your forever home, we’d love to see you move into our friendly master-planned community. Give us a call at (720) 344-2900 or email to schedule a walkthrough and learn more!