Start Your Fruit and Vegetable Garden this Spring

Published: April 13, 2020

Joining the The Canyons community means cultivating an enriching life in a uniquely-designed home and connecting with nature through its beautiful location. This spring make the most of the Colorado sunshine by planting your own fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens. Follow these handy tips to dust off your green thumb and get growing.

Start Small

The best advice for getting your indoor garden underway is to start small! Consider what you and your family enjoy eating to avoid over-growing your garden space. Garlic and shallots are perfect for small planters because just one bulb can develop into a hefty bunch. Similarly, leafy greens such as kale, chard, and spinach can be harvested as-needed rather than all at once. Their ability to produce more leaves as you pluck them will keep them healthy and bountiful without growing beyond control. Cherry tomatoes and French beans don’t require much space which make them perfect for a small plot. Add edible flowers to the mix, which look gorgeous as garnishes for your evening cocktails!

Take it Outside

Life at The Canyons allows you to spend time in several welcoming outdoor spaces just steps from your front door. Fortunately, your backyard can be one of the most beautiful parts of your community as well. Keeping the charming mini-garden concept in mind, add a planter box to your outdoor space. Pole beans, beets, and radishes are low-maintenance, high-yield plants that are easily replenishable, and they could feed you and your family all season! Even on a patio, you’ll be able to nurture squash, cucumbers, and peppers as they grow vertically. Eggplants are impressive members of your garden, with a sleek shape that makes them perfect for growing in pots — which you can bring indoors and enjoy throughout the winter. Protip: Use them as a tasty meat replacement in your favorite recipes.

Get Fruity

Although Meyer lemons require around eight hours of direct sunlight per day, they thrive in small space-friendly pots. Enjoy a burst of zesty, fruity scents year-round because they are able to grow through the winter! Consider adding an unexpected fruit: avocados. Able to reach the size of a baseball, avocados are full of healthy nutrients, taste delicious as homemade guacamole, and will flourish inside or outside. 

Think Outside the Planter Box

Bring your love of nature indoors by designating a specific area in your home for your garden. To avoid overwhelming your window sills with vegetation, place potted plants on a striking bar cart or create your own standing entryway planter. The corners of your favorite rooms are automatically brightened by hanging greenery in the spots that see the most sunshine. Plant lamps help your garden thrive when your home’s natural sunlight is lacking. Simple wall hooks create an ethereal look when placed around your kitchen windows — plus they allow you to easily grab fresh herbs from your hanging pots.

Keep it Healthy

Producing homegrown fruits and vegetables is a fantastic way to stock your cabinets with healthy ingredients. Ginger, rosemary, mint, and basil are easily grown on a small scale. They can also be dried and preserved for future use. Outside, place carrots and mandarin oranges — both rich in vitamins and minerals — in individual pots. You’ll be able to move them around your backyard to maximize sun exposure. Adding coffee grounds to your potting soil is excellent for aeration and drainage. When you need to replenish your personal supply, you’ll soon be able to grab a fresh bag of beans at our convenient on-site coffee house: The Exchange, coming in 2020.

Our breathtaking residences make it easy to plant stunning fruit, vegetable, and herb gardens. Gorgeous kitchens, floorplans, and optional outdoor patios allow you to fill your home — inside and out — with healthy and delicious ingredients. At The Canyons, you’ll find homes that cater to your love of the outdoors — creatively crafted by our builders: Berkeley Homes, KB Home, Infinity Home Collection, Shea Homes Colorado, and TRI Pointe Homes.