How to Style the Perfect Guest Bedroom

Published: November 19, 2022

Hosting guests in your home can be a stressful experience, particularly around the holidays. However, it becomes much easier with a dedicated extra bedroom outfitted with everything visitors need to be comfortable. Put your best hosting foot forward with these five creative ideas for how to style the perfect spare room. 

Boho vibrant

Many homeowners opt for a neutral guest bedroom and miss the opportunity to showcase their style. Don’t let your guests be reminded of a hotel: Keep this space contemporary and funky with a bohemian theme. This aesthetic benefits from a mismatched assortment of patterns and textures, so let your imagination run wild. Use accent pillows and throw blankets with bold colors and patterns, and clash them productively with tapestries, area rugs, or wall prints. Plants are a lovely way to make a spare room seem warm and welcoming: Try hanging a pothos by a window or succulents on a bedside table for lived-in comfort. Wood, macrame, fabric, and cozy textures like velvet create a bohemian ambiance where all styles can be welcome. 

Accent wall 

Draw guests’ eyes towards a room’s focal point by accenting one wall through a distinctive paint color, wallpaper, textured paint, or patterned wood trim. For smaller spaces, it’s best to accent the wall behind the bed, while larger guest rooms can accent with a small desk, chair, or seating area. Choose your accent based on the mood you’re trying to create: A deep green gives a vibrant, calming touch, while a busy wallpaper pattern trends more quaint or quirky. 

Super coordinated

For an impeccably coordinated guest room, choose one pattern or design theme and repeat it all over the room. A black and white color scheme — whether in stripes, polka dots, or marbled swirls — creates a design that is both minimalistic and striking. Bonus points: White and black furniture and home goods are incredibly easy to find at any home decor retailer. Wall decals or stickers offer a no-mess way to accent a blank wall without the trouble of painting or wallpapering. A black or white basket on a bedside table is a perfect space to stash helpful items your guests might have forgotten, like travel-sized toothpaste, shampoo, soap, and hand towels. 

Cool monochrome

For styling with ease, choose one color to coordinate on the walls, bed linens, and accent furniture. Different colors promote different moods: Grays or whites are clean and sophisticated, blues are relaxing and cozy, and reds are energizing and fiery. To keep your guest room from becoming one-note, vary the texture and finish of your single color across the room. You can draw guests’ eyes and welcome them with pops of color from contrasting stacks of color-coordinated books, fresh or faux flowers, or a bright accent chair. 

Antique chic

Conjure the magic of a quaint bed-and-breakfast by outfitting a guest room with a brass bed frame, floral patterns, and cozy furniture with sophisticated finishes. An antique chic guest room can showcase older furniture designs like a space-sensible daybed or fainting couch, a mirrored vanity, or a cozy loveseat. Don’t be afraid to use distressed paint furniture or mix-and-match vintage pieces for a shabby-chic appeal. 

Though homeowners spend far less time in guest bedrooms than primary ones, spare bedrooms are still an important component of a home — and a wonderful opportunity to showcase your personal style. Thankfully, homes at The Canyons™ offer ample space and additional bedrooms so you can host with ease. These simple extra bedroom styles are easy for any homeowner to pull off and are sure to keep guests happy, comfortable, and sleeping in style.