Gear Up for Trick-or-Treaters with Simple Halloween Crafts

Published: October 24, 2023

Do you hear that? There’s something blowing through the neighborhood. No, it’s not just the crinkling whispers of fallen leaves — it’s Halloween spirit! Whether you’re a horror movie buff or you just can’t wait to see what creative costumes the children of The Canyons™ have come up with this year, everyone can find something to look forward to in the coming weeks. If you can’t wait a second longer for Halloween to arrive, you’re in luck. Read on for a list of easy crafts you can put together to help you show off your seasonal excitement to the whole neighborhood! 

Dryer Vent Pumpkin

If you’re looking to bring a little fall cheer to your minimalist living room, this dryer vent pumpkin may be just the trick. With only a handful of materials including a dryer vent, white paint, hot glue and some materials sourced from around your house and yard, your project will come together in a snap. Since you can make many pumpkins from a single dryer vent, you could experiment with making crafty gourds in different sizes — or gift one to a neighbor who shares your enthusiasm for clean design.

Sweet and Spooky Halloween Wreaths

Though a wreath may immediately conjure up images of dancing sugar plums, there’s no reason why wreaths can’t just as readily be spooky autumnal decorations. You can go a number of different routes ranging from cute to creepy: Wrap a hoop in black ribbon, give it some cat ears, and voila! Your very own cat companion, ready to keep an eye on the neighborhood. Favor something with a little more scare factor? By gluing moss and whole cloves of garlic to a foam wreath, you can make a striking decoration that also doubles as a clear “No Vampires Allowed” sign. Savvy!

Not Your Grandma’s Jack-o-Lantern

While a traditional carved pumpkin certainly has its place, it’s impossible to ignore the visceral sliminess of the whole affair. If you can’t stomach pulling orange guts from your gourds this year, consider painting them instead. Not only will this keep your pumpkins from wilting before their time, but the only real design limitation is your own imagination. For a decoration idea that can be repurposed into a meal after Halloween is over, try pasting old-timey pharmacist labels on spaghetti squash and displaying them on a spooky apothecary’s shelf, complete with all the requisite potions and elixirs. Not so into squash? Paint a pop art pumpkin in the style of Roy Lichtenstein! Now that’ll make a real illustrative impression on your friendly neighbors.

Witch’s Hat Luminaries

The universal sign that you have Halloween candy for all the neighborhood boils and ghouls is to leave your porch light on. To really set the scene for your Hallow’s Eve visitors, consider stringing up some very quick witch’s hat luminaries. With only inexpensive black witch hats that can be found in most Halloween aisles, LED lights, and fishing line, you can let everyone know that your cauldron is overflowing with sweets.

Reversible Pumpkin Patch Porch Decoration

If you’re excited about Halloween but can’t help thinking about making snow angels and opening Christmas presents, we have just the project for you: a reversible porch decoration with pumpkins on one side and a whimsical snowman on the other. The beauty of this (slightly) more involved project is that you’ll never have to be without holiday cheer all the way through spring. On November 1 just go outside, flip the decoration around, and you’re all set!

It’s no trick that we’d love for you to join our collection of Halloween enthusiasts of all ages. Give us a call at (720) 344-2900 or send us a message at so we can welcome you home to our total treat of a community. Happy house haunting!