DIY Fall Wreaths for Your Front Door

Published: September 13, 2022

We can’t think of anything that says “fall” more than a richly decorated front door radiating seasonal colors like rich brown, deep red, and fiery orange. Did you know that you can make stunning fall decor at home with supplies available at any craft store — and a little patience? Read on for ideas on using a DIY autumn wreath to accentuate the beauty of your home at The Canyons


A simple wreath made of colourful craft store foliage.

One variety of wreath utilizes the most common symbol of fall: vibrant fallen leaves. Rather than buying artificial foliage from a craft store, use freshly fallen leaves for a biodegradable and eco-friendly decor option. Simply gather fallen leaves (or take the kids on a nature walk to find them!) then acquire an iron, some cardstock or cardboard, a glue gun, parchment paper, and a hook for hanging the finished product. To press the leaves, microwave them for 10-30 seconds, turning once, until they feel fully dried — but not brittle. Iron the leaves briefly between parchment paper to flatten. Cut a rough circular wreath shape from your cardboard, then use the glue gun to layer your autumn leaves and hang on your door to be the envy of the block!

Minimalist and Bohemian

A boho-inspired wreath made of dried wildflowers.
Wreaths can be more than bright autumn colors and pumpkins — try a minimalist take with dried wildflowers and twine.

This wreath is sure to turn heads: Its minimalistic style uses only a bare wreath hoop accented with dried flowers and natural materials presented in twine. To make this boho style, gather fall flowers, leaves, herbs, or grasses, ensuring that their stems are at least six inches long. Hang them upside-down in a cool, dark place for at least two weeks to fully dry. Take a wire or wooden wreath frame (available at any craft store) and wrap twine to overlap tightly around the hoop, securing with craft glue. Slide the stems of your flowers, grasses, and other plants between the layers of twine, securing with a few dots of craft glue at top and bottom — your striking wreath is ready to hang.

Bright and Classic

A classic fall wreath with pinecones, bright craft store leaves, apples, dried orange slices, and mini pumpkins.
Have fun putting together a classic fall wreath for a splash of color and an inviting front porch decoration.

This classic grapevine wreath is overflowing with a fall bounty to welcome friends and family at the front door. To make this cheery accent, pick up a grapevine wreath and your chosen accents at any craft store: pumpkins, pine cones, sunflowers, and faux fruits like dried oranges, pears, or apples are all excellent options. Incorporate faux greenery in dark or sage greens, flowers in deep oranges and reds, and woodsy brown pine cones, grasses, or twigs. Use a stem or wire cutter to trim the stems, then thread them into the wreath or secure with glue. Cover the whole wreath or leave half tastefully bare to expose the grapevine beneath. Bonus hack: If you choose not to glue the stems inside the grapevine frame, you can swap them out for a reusable wreath that works for any season!
No matter whether your personal style is classic or bohemian, bountiful or minimalistic, these fall wreaths are the perfect choices to brighten your entryway and welcome guests to your home. Your thoughtfully-crafted home at The Canyons™ is a beautiful canvas to display your own unique aesthetic — so let’s get to crafting!