Decluttering Your Garage For Good

Published: March 17, 2023

At its best, your garage is an extension of your home: Sheltering your vehicles, your outdoor gear, and all the various odds and ends we tend to accumulate throughout our lives. At its worst, your careful planning can give way to chaos and you may even begin to avoid your garage entirely. If your garage is trending toward disarray — or if you’re always on the lookout for new organizational tricks — you’re in luck. We’ve determined two strategies you can implement to make the absolute most of your garage at The Canyons™.

Smart Storage Systems

When it comes to organizing your garage, keep two main strategies in mind. The first is to determine a storage system built around your family’s specific needs. Before getting started, take a moment to consider your life’s inherent rhythm. It may be helpful to prepare a mental list that generally ranks what you store in your garage, from “must access ASAP” to “can’t part with, but rarely need.” With that criteria in mind, let’s get started!

  1. Shelving, shelving, shelving! One of the key problems with a garage is that it’s pretty much a blank slate — and without a little foresight, things can easily get out of hand. Rein in the clutter by installing open shelving, which grants quick access and forces you to keep only what you need while allowing for easy visual grouping — all crucial for long-term organization.
  2. Look up. No, seriously. If you’re not taking advantage of the ceiling space in your garage, you’re not doing it right. Install overhead shelving to stow items you don’t need every day, like travel dog kennels or kayaks. 
  3. Two words: clear containers. Furthering the ease of access provided by open shelving, translucent containers allow you to keep things tidy while also clearly showing off the actual items you’re stowing. You’ll never have to frantically open half a dozen boxes just to find that one very important piece of paper ever again!

Make Your Mark 

We put every possible ounce of care into designing the garages for our homes at The Canyons™, but every one of our residents has unique needs — and one of the best parts of home ownership is getting to utilize your space exactly the way you want to! No matter whether you use your garage to work on craft projects or just as a place to stack skis and golf clubs, here are some ideas for easy DIY projects to up your storage game. 

  1. Every good handyperson needs a work bench, and you’re in luck if you don’t already have one. This straightforward workbench — complete with pegboard backboard — comes together quickly and will immediately level up your DIY cred.
  2. Once your workbench is assembled, don’t be surprised when you suddenly start buying more tools. Don’t let your new toys undo the organization you’ve already done — instead, build a compact sliding pegboard storage center.|
  3. Still hungry for DIY organization projects? This tall cabinet locks to keep dangerous tools and toxic chemicals out of reach. Better safe than sorry!

However you make the most of your space, just be sure to trust yourself: Organization is an organic process that shifts seasonally and year-to-year. You may need to occasionally rework your system, but with a strong foundation of careful planning we’re certain that future rearrangement shouldn’t feel quite so daunting. Ready to take your first steps towards finding your dream home (and dream garage) at The Canyons™? Take a look at our available homes today!